USA 15k Championships

Gate River Race Re-cap

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Fasil Bizuneh and Rebecca Donaghue post-race in Jacksonville"][/caption] On Saturday I ran my first race in 8 and a half months at the Gate River 15k in Jacksonville, FL, which also served as the men's and women's US 15k Championships. I was the 7th US woman in 51:52. Going into this race my goa

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Some good and some bad

Todays race was not my best. I didn't run the time I was looking to, I got beat by a lot guys I shouldn't have and just not a good day overall. One good thing that came out of this race was some motivation. Not that I didn't have any motivation before the race but this definitely makes me want train even harder so I make sure I don't have another performance

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It’s been awhile but busy

So I haven't really kept up my end of the bargain of posting twice a week on here. But one of my vows for lent is to get 2 posts a week up. In my time off of blogs has been spent training and just being back in school. This past weekend I took a trip down to notre dame to pace part of the mens 5k at the last chance meet. My coach (Artie) was not exactly t

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