Sham wow phase

As I sit on the bus for our 14 hour bus trip down to t-town Alabama I have been thinking about my past month of training. With the exception of the race in jacksonville I have been really happy with all my workouts. While you always want to bring your best game to a US championship, I knew I wasnt quite ready to go and definitely not ready to go out at the pace I did.

I like to think I am in the sham wow phase of my training were I am just soaking up all the workouts and mileage till I need to wring it all out at the end of June. I think it is important to race a fair amount so when it comes time to race you don’t forget how, but it is just as important to keep the end goal in sight and keep those races along the way in perspective.

This weekend in Alabama will be a brief trip to some warm weather and a good kickoff to the outdoor season. I will be doing the 800/1500 m double like I did last year (2:00, 3:55) with a workout afterwards. I will try and get some video up after the race with a quick recap.