Recent Reflections

The past few weeks have been non-stop for me, preparing my athletes for the championship part of the indoor season.  While we finished second at our conference meet, almost all of my athletes came away with personal bests and that is always something to be proud of.  Second place is tough especially when you work so hard to achieve victory. Our head coach Kelly Lycan, reminded the girls at the end of the weekend “we love to win, but we love competing even more.”  The team had so many great performances and we truly were so proud of the way the competed and how much fun it was to be in the hunt for the title.

The love of competing is not just something that resonates as a coach, but in my current phase of training.  The past few months I have been really struggling and trying learn how to balance my coaching responsibilities with training at an elite level.  I love coaching and training equally, that it can be difficult some days if I feel I am not giving one 110%.  There’s no doubt that the stress of both has put a great strain on me emotionally and physically, disrupting some much needed consistency in my training.

Because of these inconsistencies it’s been tough to get myself as prepared as I would like to be to race.  As an athlete it can be difficult to step to the line when you are not at your best shape.  Ego and pride have a great way of making one a bit fearful some days of losing or even embarrassing one self.  However, as I look towards racing this spring I need to remind myself to keep everything in perspective.  Consistency in training is important, but sometimes it is not the only thing.    The tragic death this week of Sally Meyerhoff is a reminder of being thankful for every day and living life to the fullest.  Sometimes we need to race because we love to compete and more importantly because we can.