It’s been awhile but busy

So I haven’t really kept up my end of the bargain of posting twice a week on here. But one of my vows for lent is to get 2 posts a week up. In my time off of blogs has been spent training and just being back in school.

This past weekend I took a trip down to notre dame to pace part of the mens 5k at the last chance meet. My coach (Artie) was not exactly thrilled with the idea, but I kinda wanted to do it mainly just so I could do part of a workout with some other people around me. So the plan was to pace about a mile and a half and then do a 3 x 10 minute tempo with 30 second surges at the 4 and 8 minute mark of each tempo. The pacing part of the workout didn’t go exactly how I wanted and soon realized why Artie didn’t want me to do it. My lap splits were a bit erratic which normally isn’t an issue for me and I felt like I was just pressing a little bit. I ended up coming through the mile 1-2 seconds slower then I was supposed to and about 3-4 seconds off after the mile and a half of pacing. But after pacing the workout turned around for me. On each of the tempos I felt stronger and ended up getting a really solid workout out of it.

So as I finish up my final preparations for the gate river run 15k this Saturday I have to remember that it is not always about how you start out a race or workout it is about how you finish it.